Matthias Wolfram Ospel, M.Ac.

research assistant


Room:    Room 103 / House 1

Phone:  0381/498-9042

Fax:       0381/498-9032

E-Mail:   matthias.ospeluni-rostockde


Field of activity

  • Adaptive acoustic systems
  • Inverse acoustics
  • Numerical acoustics


SS 2021

Publications and conference papers

Publications and conference papers


  • Ospel, M. W.; Witte, M.; Wurm, F.H.: Numerische Simulation von Active Noise Control Systemen in Anwendungsumgebungen mit stationären Lärmquellen. DAGA 2021 - 47. Jahrestagung für Akustik, 15. - 18. August 2021, Wien.

  • Ospel, M. W.; Werner, P.; Wurm, F.H., Witte, M.: Simulation of active noise control using transform domain adaptive filter algorithms linked with the inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation. Applied Acoustics. 2021. DOI:

Highlights from research

On the left is the schematic of a numerical setup for optimal pressure wave control using monopole sources (shown in red) for a spherical target domain (shown in green). On the right, the simulation result of the optimal pressure wave control calculated by an iterative LMS solver on the x-y plane. The amplitude of the complex sound pressure is plotted in colour for the primary field before iteration I=0 (left) and after iteration I=100 (right). The position of the monopole sources on the x-y plane is marked in black. The noise source was modelled as a monopole source in the negative x direction of the sphere volume, the frequency shown is 150Hz.